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I’m a bad mom

Today i really felt that I failed as a parent. Today, for the first time since Elias was born, I felt that I’ve raised him wrong (don’t get me wrong, we have had our ups and downs, but then he usually fight with me, Jawad or Adam). Today he was playing in pre school with two other boys, and the play got a little bit too real, and Elias hurt another boy. I never felt so sad in my whole life when the teacher told me, I felt that the whole world just came crashing down…Did I let him watch the Ipad too much?! Did I let him play the scary games on roblox, without caring if he gets scared or hurt?! There is so many questions and thoughts spinning around in my head, and after todays incident I don’t know who to blame! All I know is that I love my sons more than anything, and I don’t ever want them to hurt someone else, but then again, boys will always be boys, right?!

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