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Tenerife December 2019

We are back home in Sweden, back to routines, and I am sick 🤒 I got sick already in Tenerife, I think it was the third day, but I did my best so the boys would enjoy their holiday.

Anyway, we loved every second being on Tenerife, like always. This time me and Jawad actually visited Teide, and it was so beautiful and breath taking ( I will post a vlog from there in the next few days!), the boys enjoyed the pool, and we just had a lovely time. Tenerife is crazy, because every time you find some new location beautifuler than the other, that island can definitely take your breath away.

My dream is that next time we visit the island we stay for one month, because I can se the happiness in my boys eyes when they run around there 🥰 so we’ll see what 2020 will surprise us with 😜

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