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Vegan Cream Buns

Today we celebrate “fettisdagen” in Sweden. That means that we eat this special buns with cream and almond paste, and they are extremely delicious! Of course I had to make them vegan, and that was so easy, you just have to change out the butter and cream to vegan options!

All you need for these cream buns is:
25 g yeast
2 dl almond milk
1/2 dl sugar
1 tbs cardamon
5 1/2 dl flour
75 g vegan butte

Mix all of those things together well and let rise for one hour.

Make 12 small pieces and roll to buns and let rice under a towel for 30 minutes. Brush them with almond milk and put them in oven for 10 minutes in 225 degrees.
Take the buns out and let them get cold before you take off a small piece from the top on every bun.
Take out a little bit from every buns so you get a hole in them and fill them with a mix of:

The inside from the bun
3/4 dl Almond milk
200 g almond paste

Top every bund with vegan whipped cream and put the small top back on and there you have 12 delicious cream buns 🙂

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