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I lost my job

So yesterday I got some bad news, I got to know that the company where I worked for the past two years has called for bankruptcy. I think it’s a combination of both bad sales for the past months and covid-19. Even though it hurts and scares me, we will survive this, as a family you always make it work somehow, not for yourself but for your kids. One door closes and the next one opens, right?! , I’m looking it to the future with open heart and eyes. And I know I’m not the only one loosing my job in this hard times, but we all have to be strong, keep our heads up high, it’s all going to be okey in the end!

The funny thing is that when we was in Tenerife last time we was speaking about moving there, or not really moving, but spend a longer time on the island ( Im happy we didn’t because of how the world is looking right now!) but then the plan was for me to quit my job, so somewhere back in my head I already planed not to stay there.

It’s going to be okey ❤️

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