• Adam

    Adam 3 years old

    Today Adam turned 3 years old. It’s quite unbelievable that he has been a part of our family for three years. It feels like I got him on my chest yesterday. I really think that time goes by so quickly, especially after having kids!
    Happy birthday to my little big boy, I love you to the moon and back ❤️

  • Vegan Food

    Creamy pasta with vegetables

    Todays dinner was really easy to make and so yummy!
    Boil pasta, cut onion, zucchini, eggplant and red pepper and fry it together, add tomato sauce and some vegan cooking cream and let it boil add salt, pepper and barbecue spice and then mix it with the pasta, and voilá you have a vegan dinner 🥰

  • Only Stina

    So much pain, no help

    The past three days I been having pain in my lower back, and this morning I couldn’t stand the pain anymore, So I called the health centre, but they had no time for me, so she told me to go to the ER in the city, so I did. When I came there they was in shock why the health centre would send me there, so they sent me to another smaller ER…So much traveling around when you are in pain, and in the end I didn’t actually get any help, more than that I need to book a time with an physiotherapist and start to train in the gym.
    So I guess it’s time for a change and start to workout 🙈

  • Adam

    Adam my Adam

    On Thursday Adam had his 3 years control at the doctors. Ever since Adam started preschool he’s been really sad every morning when I leave him, witch is breaking my heart every time, and he is not speaking to either his teachers or friends, the only times he is speaking in school, to the teachers, is when me or Elias is with him. In the beginning when he started there we thought it was because he was shy, but two weeks ago one of hes teachers stoped me and said that she is worried about him, so I decides to speak with his doctor, and she said its nothing wrong with him. The first thing she said was that she see no signs of autism in him (witch was a big relief, but then again if he would have it I would still love him the same!) and she said that he’s probably just one of those kids that wants to be alone because he is shy, because at home his speaking and playing so much. She also said that maybe he’s teachers are pushing him in the wrong way and making him feel uncomfortable, because the other day when I was speaking to Elias teacher about this, she was in chock because Adam been speaking to her.
    Elias was also really shy when he was younger, and he only wanted to hang around he’s teachers until like a year ago when he’s friends started to be really important for him. The thing is I was just exactly like Adam when I was a kid, its actually crazy to se what your kids gets from you.

    I am anyway going to contact a psychologist just to ask for some guidens in this case, because I just want the best for my little boy ❤️

  • Finland,  Travel

    On the way back home

    Yesterday we came home from Finland. We had an amazing time there, even if the time was running away and I wish we would have stayed longer! I can’t wait to take the boys there soon again.
    On the boat back to Sweden we had some nice food, the boys was playing (we had the whole playroom for ourselves) and the boys fell asleep late, so it was hard to wake them up in the morning when we arrived in Stockholm.

    My big boy enjoying the buffet 🥘
    Busted with ice cream, candy and cookies 🍧🍬🍪
    Elias having a good time
    The boys are playing
  • Finland,  Travel

    The Moomin park in Porvoo

    Ever since the Moomin park opened in Porvoo I been wanting to take the boys there, and even though it was cold and the rain was pouring down we decided to spend an hour in the park. The boys was happy and even if I was feeling really cold my heart got so happy when I saw their happy small faces 🥰

    Hopefully we can visit the park again in the summertime 🌞

  • Finland,  Travel

    On our way to Finland

    On Sunday evening we jumped on the boat to Finland. We enjoyed a lovely buffet at the restaurant, the vegan meny was actually really good, the boys enjoyed more the desert table than the food but as long as they were happy I was happy. After dinner we went to the play area where the boys had so much fun before it was time to go back to our cabin and sleep.

    Here comes a few pictures from our trip to Finland:

  • lifestyle

    The time is flying

    The days are just running away and right now I have a lot of work. However, next week I have 5 days off, how nice it will be! 5 whole days off and me and the boys are going away on a small holiday just to spend some cozy time together.

    Now its time to go to bed, watch some serie and then sleep, tomorrow it’s time to work the whole day again…In lack of new pictures at the moment Im posting one from the end of last year when me and Jawad was in Gdansk, Poland – how I miss that place!

  • lifestyle

    A day off

    Today I had a day off, and also Adam, so we decided to pick Elias up earlier from pre school and go to the candy shop that’s close to us. It smells like heaven in there and the boys had hard to choose from all the different candy, but they was doing really good and we came home with a whole bad full of candy.

    When we came home we had dinner, I had prepared a vegan lasagna, that everyone in the family loved and after we relaxed in the sofa with candy and a movie. A perfect Friday!

    Tomorrow its time for me to work a few hours and then I’m off on Sunday, and hopefully taking the boys to the cinema…

  • Elias

    He lost his first tooth

    2020 began with Elias feeling that one of his teeth was loose, and one week ago, during dinner, he shouted out I LOST IT! and of course he ment his tooth. He put his tooth under his pillow and the morning after it was changed out to a gold coin 😉
    He was so happy and excited to go back to pre school the day after to show all of his friends.