• Adam

    Adam 3 years old

    Today Adam turned 3 years old. It’s quite unbelievable that he has been a part of our family for three years. It feels like I got him on my chest yesterday. I really think that time goes by so quickly, especially after having kids!
    Happy birthday to my little big boy, I love you to the moon and back ❤️

  • Adam

    Adam my Adam

    On Thursday Adam had his 3 years control at the doctors. Ever since Adam started preschool he’s been really sad every morning when I leave him, witch is breaking my heart every time, and he is not speaking to either his teachers or friends, the only times he is speaking in school, to the teachers, is when me or Elias is with him. In the beginning when he started there we thought it was because he was shy, but two weeks ago one of hes teachers stoped me and said that she is worried about him, so I decides to speak with his doctor, and she said its nothing wrong with him. The first thing she said was that she see no signs of autism in him (witch was a big relief, but then again if he would have it I would still love him the same!) and she said that he’s probably just one of those kids that wants to be alone because he is shy, because at home his speaking and playing so much. She also said that maybe he’s teachers are pushing him in the wrong way and making him feel uncomfortable, because the other day when I was speaking to Elias teacher about this, she was in chock because Adam been speaking to her.
    Elias was also really shy when he was younger, and he only wanted to hang around he’s teachers until like a year ago when he’s friends started to be really important for him. The thing is I was just exactly like Adam when I was a kid, its actually crazy to se what your kids gets from you.

    I am anyway going to contact a psychologist just to ask for some guidens in this case, because I just want the best for my little boy ❤️

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    Play in the snow

    Yesterday the first snow for this winter came to Stockholm, unfortunately I was working, but today after breakfast I took the boys out so they could play and I could get some pictures. It sure was cold, and I don’t think I ever will get used to the coldness, but what do we not do for the kids?! As long as they are happy I am happy ❤️

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    Adams first cinema visit

    This morning i woke up the boys really early, we had breakfast and got dressed and then went out to the bus, because today we took Adam on his first cinema visit ever. We watched Alfie Atkins, and both the boys enjoyed it. The movie was only 40 minutes long, a perfect movie for a first time ( the first time I took Elias to the cinema we aslo watched Alfie Atkins actually!), and he did so good even if he was sharing the chair with me the whole time 😂

  • Adam,  Elias,  The Boys

    Sunday at the park

    Today after breakfast I took the boys to their pre school park, because it’s sunday we had the whole place for ourselves. The boys was running around, playing and just enjoying some fresh air. I love spending time outside with my two favorites, even though it’s beginning to get really cold.
    After the park we went home for lunch, the boys had pancakes and me and Jawad had a really nice spaghetti with letil sauce, which the boys will have for dinner later today.

    Now Adam is sleeping he’s daily nap, Elias is playig with some toys and I’m having coffee and just relaxing…