• Elias,  Everyday life

    Sunday party

    My weekends nowadays usually consists of working and attending kids birthday party’s. Who knew so many kids could have birthday in February 🙈 Anyway, today me and Elias went to one of his pre school friends birthday party, he lives in the same neighborhood as us, so it was close to just walk there.
    The kids had so much fun, and it’s amazing to see Elias with all of his friends ❤️

    After we came back home I made dinner, and Adam fell asleep all of the sudden in the sofa, he woke up this morning with an eye infection in both his eyes, poor little guy, so he was so tired but hopefully he will wake up feeling better tomorrow even though he will have to stay home for a few days. Even if Adam is sick we had an amazing Sunday but now I’m prepared for a new week with new goals 🥰

  • Elias

    He lost his first tooth

    2020 began with Elias feeling that one of his teeth was loose, and one week ago, during dinner, he shouted out I LOST IT! and of course he ment his tooth. He put his tooth under his pillow and the morning after it was changed out to a gold coin 😉
    He was so happy and excited to go back to pre school the day after to show all of his friends.

  • Adam,  Elias,  The Boys

    Play in the snow

    Yesterday the first snow for this winter came to Stockholm, unfortunately I was working, but today after breakfast I took the boys out so they could play and I could get some pictures. It sure was cold, and I don’t think I ever will get used to the coldness, but what do we not do for the kids?! As long as they are happy I am happy ❤️

  • Adam,  Elias,  The Boys

    Adams first cinema visit

    This morning i woke up the boys really early, we had breakfast and got dressed and then went out to the bus, because today we took Adam on his first cinema visit ever. We watched Alfie Atkins, and both the boys enjoyed it. The movie was only 40 minutes long, a perfect movie for a first time ( the first time I took Elias to the cinema we aslo watched Alfie Atkins actually!), and he did so good even if he was sharing the chair with me the whole time 😂

  • Elias,  Motherhood,  The Boys

    I’m a bad mom

    Today i really felt that I failed as a parent. Today, for the first time since Elias was born, I felt that I’ve raised him wrong (don’t get me wrong, we have had our ups and downs, but then he usually fight with me, Jawad or Adam). Today he was playing in pre school with two other boys, and the play got a little bit too real, and Elias hurt another boy. I never felt so sad in my whole life when the teacher told me, I felt that the whole world just came crashing down…Did I let him watch the Ipad too much?! Did I let him play the scary games on roblox, without caring if he gets scared or hurt?! There is so many questions and thoughts spinning around in my head, and after todays incident I don’t know who to blame! All I know is that I love my sons more than anything, and I don’t ever want them to hurt someone else, but then again, boys will always be boys, right?!

  • Adam,  Elias,  The Boys

    Sunday at the park

    Today after breakfast I took the boys to their pre school park, because it’s sunday we had the whole place for ourselves. The boys was running around, playing and just enjoying some fresh air. I love spending time outside with my two favorites, even though it’s beginning to get really cold.
    After the park we went home for lunch, the boys had pancakes and me and Jawad had a really nice spaghetti with letil sauce, which the boys will have for dinner later today.

    Now Adam is sleeping he’s daily nap, Elias is playig with some toys and I’m having coffee and just relaxing…

  • Elias,  Motherhood,  The Boys

    The time is just running away

    It’s alreday october and the autumn is here, they boys are back to routines at pre school and at home and sometimes I just wanna pause the time. Last week Elias had a doctors appointment, and there it hit me that he’s actually starting school next year, how could the time fly like that? I remember it like yesterday when I held him in my arms for the very first time 😢❤️
    My big boy with the biggest heart and stubborn like no one else❤️