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    The time has come..

    I’m feeling so focused right now, I want to change my life to the better, I’m already a vegan but like everyone else I need that little bit of extra and that means starting to train. Today after I left the boys for preschool I took a power walk, it felt so nice just walking and listening to music, and believe it or not, I already feel like a new person with more energy.

    Some new items 💕 shoes from Adidas, shaker, pants and top from Lidl and pants from Aim’n
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    The time is flying

    The days are just running away and right now I have a lot of work. However, next week I have 5 days off, how nice it will be! 5 whole days off and me and the boys are going away on a small holiday just to spend some cozy time together.

    Now its time to go to bed, watch some serie and then sleep, tomorrow it’s time to work the whole day again…In lack of new pictures at the moment Im posting one from the end of last year when me and Jawad was in Gdansk, Poland – how I miss that place!

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    A day off

    Today I had a day off, and also Adam, so we decided to pick Elias up earlier from pre school and go to the candy shop that’s close to us. It smells like heaven in there and the boys had hard to choose from all the different candy, but they was doing really good and we came home with a whole bad full of candy.

    When we came home we had dinner, I had prepared a vegan lasagna, that everyone in the family loved and after we relaxed in the sofa with candy and a movie. A perfect Friday!

    Tomorrow its time for me to work a few hours and then I’m off on Sunday, and hopefully taking the boys to the cinema…

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    Welcome to my first blog post

    My name is Stina, I’m a mom of two boys, Elias who is 5 and Adam 2 1/2 and Im happily engaged to my fiancé Jaouad. We live in Stockholm, Sweden but also consider Morocco and the Canary Islands as our second homes.
    In this blog you’ll find everything that has to do with motherhood, lifestyle, beauty and travel and I almost live with my camera in my hands! I do also have a youtube channel that you’ll find here: Stina Serina Youtube
    So don’t forget to check in here once in a while for updates 💖